Teeth Extractions

Drs. Chahine and Akah performing a tooth extraction in Westerville.Your teeth are living organisms. They require nutrients and other factors like regular cleanings and brushing to stay healthy and strong. Just as with any other living thing, teeth can be damaged or infected. Sometimes, teeth are affected detrimentally by outside sources like germs.

A buildup of plaque on your teeth or germs that aren’t cleaned out can lead to the development of cavities. Cavities that are left untreated can turn into disease and decay. When that happens, it’s usually advisable to seek out a professional and assess if getting your teeth pulled is the proper course of action.

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is the name given to the process of removing a tooth. Teeth are complicated structures that rely on one another to support not only your ability to eat and communicate, but also to support the natural structure of your face and jaw.

They are connected through a system of nerves and blood vessels, so it is vitally important that the tooth extraction be performed by a professional dentist so that no other part of your body is negatively affected.

You can trust our team at Westerville and Drs. Chahine, Thompson, and Bleakmore to handle your teeth removal with precision and extreme care.

Reasons for Teeth Removal

You may need your teeth pulled for a number of reasons—not just in the case of bacterial infection—including the following:

  • Irreparable Damage: Severe decay that reaches the center or pulp of a tooth may be unfixable. Once it reaches that critical area of the tooth, one of the best treatment methods will be to remove it before the decay can spread to surrounding teeth.
  • Periodontal Disease: Periodontal disease affects the soft tissues and structures of the mouth, especially the gums. When periodontal disease spreads far enough, the gums supporting your teeth can wear away, causing the teeth to become loose. A tooth extraction following this loosening is a viable treatment option.
  • Impacted Tooth/ Wisdom Teeth Problems: Impacted teeth are unable to break through the surface of the gum to take their place in the lineup of teeth in your mouth. This happens most commonly with wisdom teeth. We may recommend getting these impacted teeth pulled to prevent damage to existing teeth.
  • Serious Injury or Accident: The first option in the case of an accident is always to try and preserve teeth, even after a severe injury. If the injuries are too severe and that won’t be possible, an extraction may be the best option to preserve your overall oral health.
  • Overcrowding: Sometimes there isn’t enough room in your mouth for all your teeth, causing them to push against each other uncomfortably. Overcrowding can lead to misalignment and crooked teeth, but removing a tooth in this instance can fix the problem easily.

Tooth Removal Process

The teeth removal process starts with numbing the surrounding area. At Just Smiles in Westerville, we offer oral sedation options to patients as well. Through physical numbing or oral sedation, patients will be prevented from feeling any discomfort that could come from the extraction.

Once that step is complete, your dentist will then widen the gum in the area and remove the tooth. You’ll then be given gauze to control any bleeding. You may be given an ice pack to help with any swelling, and you can expect the area to heal nicely over the course of a few days.

Bone Grafts After Teeth Removal

Bone grafts are common procedures that often follow right on the heels of a tooth extraction. Following the removal of the tooth, bone can be grafted into the recently vacated area. The extraction site will then be closed up, allowing the bone time to integrate with the body, fill the void left behind, and protect your jawbone from deterioration.

Tooth Replacement Options With Just Smiles

Once you’ve had a tooth removed, there are several restorative options available to you, such as:

  • Dental Implants.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures.
  • Bridges.

We will go over these options with you in-depth at our office, so you can be fully informed and confident in your choice of dental care.

Learn More About Having Teeth Pulled Today

Get in touch with our team today with any questions or concerns regarding having your teeth pulled.


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