Dental Crowns and Bridges

Fix Your Damage With Dental Crowns and Bridges in Hilliard, OH

The Hilliard dentists at Just Smiles routinely replace missing or damaged teeth with dental crowns and bridges.Dental damage can make it tough to perform some of the simplest everyday functions, like eating and even speaking. Our dentists can repair your damaged teeth and restore your full oral function with dental crowns and bridges.

Our dental restorations will:

  • Make your smile whole again
  • Look like your natural teeth, so they easily blend into your smile
  • Strengthen teeth and protect them from further damage
  • Last for decades with proper care
  • Give you the ability to eat whatever you’d like
  • Not pose long-term health concerns because they are metal-free

To see which dental restoration is right for your smile, call 614-363-0030. We’re so confident in our quality, we offer a limited warranty on our porcelain crowns and bridges!

High-Tech Tooth Impressions Simplify Getting a Crown or Bridge

At most dental practices, getting impressions of your teeth involves putting messy molding material into your mouth. We use sophisticated scanning technology instead. Scanning is completed in seconds, with no discomfort. We send the 3D scans to the dental lab that manufactures our restorations. With such precise scans, it’s easier to get a perfect fit. It also reduces turnaround time, so you won’t have to wait as long for your crown or bridge.

With or Without Implants, Dental Restorations Repair Damage

A dental crown is our most versatile restoration because of all the problems it can solve. It can:

  • Repair a severely decayed tooth
  • Mend a cracked or broken tooth
  • Seal a tooth after a root canal
  • Cover cosmetic flaws such as a misshapen or severely stained tooth
  • Replace a single tooth when attached to a dental implant
  • Replace several teeth when used to create a dental bridge

With local anesthesia, getting a crown or bridge is a pain-free procedure. If you’re still nervous, though, you can get dental sedation. To find out more about dental crowns and bridges, call 614-363-0030. In addition to Hilliard, we welcome patients from nearby communities like Galloway, OH and Dublin, OH.


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