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Regain Your Smile With Dentures in Westerville, OH

With a history going all the way back to the 7th century BC, dentures are one of the oldest dental restorations. While the materials used for replacement teeth have become more durable and natural-looking throughout the years, the basic idea hasn’t changed. The most significant advance in recent years is the use of dental implants to secure dentures.

With or without implants, we can use these teeth replacements to:

  • Replace anywhere from a few missing teeth to an entire mouthful of teeth
  • Restore your oral functionality
  • Improve your health by making it possible for you to eat a more varied diet
  • Give your face a fuller and younger look

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Enjoy Many Advantages of Dental Implant Dentures

For replacement teeth that feel and function the most like your own, we suggest dentures with dental implants. Their advantages include:

  • Stronger Jaw – When you lose teeth, you also lose teeth roots. This causes your bone structure to deteriorate over time. Since implants function like replacement teeth roots, your jaw remains strong and healthy. Even better, your face maintains a younger look, and your dentures won’t need frequent adjustments to keep a snug fit.
  • Replacement Teeth That Stay Put – Dentures with implants won’t move around in your mouth. They’ll stay securely in place without adhesive.
  • Simple to Keep Clean – Depending on the type of dentures you choose, you won’t need to remove them for cleaning. You can just brush and floss as you always have.
  • Choose Your Option – You can get dental implant dentures that only your dentist removes from implants or ones you can easily remove yourself for oral hygiene.

Choose Conventional Dentures, If You Prefer

Dental implant dentures aren’t for everyone. We also offer conventional dentures, which are removable replacement teeth on a base that looks like gum tissue. They stay in place with suction, often supplemented with adhesive. You can get full dentures to replace all the teeth in either jaw or both jaws. If you still have some teeth remaining, you may want to get partial dentures.

Both of these options are less costly than dental implant dentures and also less invasive. Our dentists can answer all your questions and help you choose the dental restoration that best suits your situation.

To discuss dentures with one of our dentists, call 614-392-7109 today to make an appointment. You may want to use our Just Smiles Dental Plan, which offers discounts of at least 20 percent on dentures and other services.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

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