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Dental Emergency? Give Us A Call!

You have a toothache that just keeps getting worse by the hour, and your over-the-counter pain relievers can seem to touch it. Is this a dental emergency? After all, you haven’t really injured your tooth or anything. You might worry that calling a dentist about pain in your mouth will make you seem a little overdramatic. But trust us - you’re not! Your teeth aren’t supposed to ...

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Pearly Whites Make A Great Gift For Mom!

Having trouble coming up with the perfect gift to show mom how much you appreciate all she’s done for you over the years? Why not treat her to professional teeth whitening? Watch this video to learn more about our whitening options at Just Smiles and consider giving your mom the priceless gift of a glowing smile and a surge of confidence this Mother’s Day! You can also explore our ...

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Tooth Fillings To Suit Your Smile

Treating a cavity is one of the most common procedures we perform at Just Smiles, but what’s not as common is the reaction we get from those few patients who haven’t needed a tooth filling in a long time. That’s because not everyone knows that modern restorative care allows us to fix teeth without forcing patients to settle for dark, silver fillings that just don’t suit their smiles. ...

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Update Your Smile With A New Dental Crown

Dental restorations aren’t made to last forever, so when Larae suddenly noticed some tooth sensitivity, she knew it probably meant one of her old crowns had to go. Sometimes, getting a new dental crown can be a hassle. But watch Larae’s video testimonial to hear why having one designed at Just Smiles was an easy, stress-free experience! Our advanced technology allows us to take precise ...

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Veneers Make A Weak Smile Strong & Stunning

Because she had weak teeth, Dee spent a lot of time at the dentist’s office over the years, missing work every time another tooth literally cracked or chipped under the pressure of normal use. This may have kept her oral health on track, but Dee knew she’d eventually have to find a more permanent solution to her constant dental problems. Watch her video testimonial to hear about Dee’s ...

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Visit A Hilliard Dentist Who Puts You First!

March 6 is National Dentists Day, so we’re inviting you to visit a Hilliard dentist who puts YOU first with full-service, personalized care. Dr. Phil Chahine makes Just Smiles an Ohio favorite, providing exceptional, cutting-edge dentistry, from routine cleanings to full-mouth reconstructions. Check out today’s video where Dr. Chahine talks about why he loves serving our patients so you ...

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Love Your New Smile With Invisalign

Braces without the braces - what??? Yes, Invisalign is the new favorite among modern orthodontic solutions, and that’s true for all ages. Check out this video message from Dr. Chahine to hear more about this revolutionary clear aligners system that not only straightens your smile but offers fast, convenient, and discreet treatment without all the hassles of metal brackets and ...

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Prevent Tooth Loss By Fighting Gum Disease

Gum Disease Awareness Month is the perfect time to talk to you about the ways we can help you fight this silent killer and protect your natural teeth for a lifetime. When bacterial infection takes hold in your mouth, you won’t necessarily know it until it’s in the advanced stages. To fight back, you need help from our team at Just Smiles! Watch this video message from Dr. Bleakmore ...

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Resolve To Sleep Better This Year!

Everyone knows how it feels to go all day long feeling completely worn out because you didn’t get much sleep the night before. New parents adjusting to life with an infant in the house, a college student cramming all night for a big exam, or a stressed parent tossing and turning because they’re worried about their child’s problems at school… we’ve all been in these types of ...

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Feel Like A New Person With A Smile Makeover

Nobody’s perfect. And that’s a good thing! We don’t have to beat ourselves up trying to achieve the impossible. We can focus, instead, on the things we can perfect, and for our team, that’s your smile! Our cosmetic and restorative dentistry services are designed to fix teeth imperfections and give you a smile you’ll love. Check out this video to hear Dr. Bleakmore explain ...

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