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Take Advantage Of Our Dental Savings Plan!

As helpful as insurance can be, it can also sometimes come with unexpected additional costs, restrictions, and other stressful hassles. That’s why we offer our patients high-quality routine care and other services at an affordable price with our dental savings plan! We invite you to check out all your membership options and perks to find out more about this cost-effective, stress-free way ...

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Stop The Teeth Grinding That’s Causing You Pain!

Cracks in your teeth, broken restorations, chronic jaw pain… these are just a few of the common symptoms of bruxism and other problems with the jaw joint. But one of the biggest roadblocks to treating those symptoms is that teeth grinding is often something people don’t even realize they’re doing. Check out today’s video to hear Dr. Bleakmore explain our approach to teeth grinding ...

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Invisalign: Braces Without The Braces!

School is in session, and if you have a teenager at home who needs braces but won’t agree to it because of how they’ll look with a mouth full of metal, you’re probably wondering how you’ll be able to talk them into it. When you choose Invisalign in Westerville, OH, you won’t have to try hard! Listen to Dr. Chahine explain the benefits of this clear aligners system to straighten ...

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Listen To These Benefits Of Dental Implants!

It’s Dental Implant Month, giving you the perfect excuse to visit Just Smiles to explore alternatives to conventional dentures to replace missing or unhealthy teeth. Check out Dr. Chahine’s video message to hear about several of the benefits of anchoring your new teeth to dental implants! You’ll discover the remarkable difference this innovative replacement strategy can make for your ...

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Bring Your Kids To Us For Quality Family Dentistry!

Make sure your kids have healthy teeth and gums so they can face a new school year with a winning smile! Choosing our high-quality family dentistry in Westerville, OH is the perfect way to start them on the right track for a successful semester free of oral health issues that could otherwise take them out of the classroom for additional dental appointments. Here is a video message from Dr. ...

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We’re Taking Many COVID-19 Precautions to Ensure Your Safety

As we reopen our office and begin scheduling more appointments, you’ll notice many COVID-19 precautions we are taking to ensure the safety of all our patients. Some of the changes we’ve made will be quite obvious. For instance, you’ll notice far fewer patients in our waiting area. To minimize contact with others we are: Staggering our appointment times Taking patients directly to ...

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Transform Your Smile This Summer With Cosmetic Dentistry

With longer days and more free time, many of us make time to transform our surroundings in the summer months by making home improvements. Summer is also a good time to transform your smile! Imagine returning to work after your vacation week with an improved appearance. At Just Smiles, you can choose from many cosmetic dentistry procedures to beautify your smile, including dental veneers, ...

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We Cater To Dental Anxiety At Every Level! [VIDEO]

The most important part of maintaining your dental care is that you receive it on a routine basis, which is about every six months for preventive treatments and exams. But what about those who are too scared to visit the dentist at all, let alone for routine checkups? Here’s a video you can check out to hear the answer. Dr. Chahine talks about what we do to provide patient-focused care ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Look Better, Feel Better! [VIDEO]

No one wants to look in the mirror every day and be reminded of the embarrassing problems with their teeth. That’s what we help patients avoid with our cosmetic dentistry services! Check out today’s video where Dr. Chahine explains the value of enhancing your smile exactly the way you want so you can look and feel better everywhere you go. Make this summer the one where you finally ...

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We Make Replacing Dental Crowns Simple! [VIDEO]

When it comes to dental restorations, how old is too old? One of the ways you can tell is when you start to experience tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. That’s how Larae knew something was wrong with one of her old dental crowns. Check out today’s video to hear about how fast and simple it was for her to get a brand new dental crown at Just Smiles! Think it might be ...

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