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We Make Dental Emergencies A Daily Priority! [VIDEO]

Now that spring is here, families will be spending more time outside, and kids will be gearing up for a new sports season. What that means to us is that we’ll be seeing more dental emergencies this time of year. We want to share a quick video message from Dr. Chahine about how we make emergency appointments a daily priority at Just Smiles so our patients can find fast pain relief and ...

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Painless Root Canals Are Possible! [VIDEO]

Many people dread the dentist, but even those who don’t will probably admit to being terrified of root canals. This restorative procedure is among the most feared in all of dentistry, but as you’ll hear from Navi in today’s video, root canals at Just Smiles are painless. And since she’s had about four root canal treatments performed here, she should know! Listen to Navi’s ...

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Next Year, Impress Your Valentine With Invisalign! [BLOG]

Was Valentine’s Day a disappointment for you this year? Possibly, if you felt so insecure about your smile that you couldn’t really focus on the special person in front of you. As important a feature as a person’s smile is, it would probably sound strange or overdramatic to say that you were embarrassed enough about your gapped, crooked teeth that it was hard for you to enjoy a romantic ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Fall In Love With Your Smile! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Have all the sparks died in your smile? Years of wear, coffee stains, chewing mishaps, and other dental drama can leave you sad and disappointed about the seemingly irreconcilable issues with your teeth. But as you’ll see in today’s infographic, cosmetic dentistry can renew your smile and restore its youthful glow! Don’t settle for imperfect teeth. Find the cosmetic solution that ...

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Protect Your Teeth With Gum Disease Treatment! [VIDEO]

For a healthy body, you need to do all you can to maintain a clean, healthy mouth. Your Westerville dentist can help you do that! Dr. Bleakmore has a special message for you about why your gum health is so important in protecting your teeth and avoiding a host of chronic health problems tied to gum disease. Your dental cleanings and exams with us are a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, ...

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Make 2020 Your Best Year With Dental Implants! [BLOG]

If you’re tired of living a life that’s not nearly as fulfilling as you want it to be just because of tooth loss or slippery dentures, then your friends at Just Smiles want to give you hope for a better year with the best tooth replacement solution in modern dentistry! Don’t Spend Another Year Hating Your Smile! Nothing has revolutionized tooth replacement in recent years quite like ...

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The Stunning Difference Restored Teeth Make! [PHOTO]

Any time a tooth is damaged by decay, disease, or some sort of injury, it doesn’t just threaten your oral health, but it inevitably leaves visible flaws in your smile. That’s why our team at Just Smiles puts just as much effort into the cosmetic results of our restorations as we do their quality and durability. Here’s just one example that illustrates what we mean. You can see from ...

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Stop Grinding Your Teeth This Year! [VIDEO]

Do you want to protect your oral health, end your chronic head and jaw pain, and enjoy a better quality of life in 2020? Then let us help you stop grinding your teeth! Listen to Dr. Bleakmore explain our customized solution for bruxism so you can put an end to dental wear and tear and live pain-free and healthy this year. Visit us soon so we can help! Call our Westerville, OH location at ...

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Think About Dental Veneers In 2020! [VIDEO]

Dee says there’s nothing worse than a chipped tooth that everyone can see, yet this was an issue she was always having to worry about. That’s all behind her now, thanks to her dental veneers! Hear Dee talk about her veneers experience at Just Smiles and what a difference they’ve made in her life. Then think about the kind of smile you want in 2020. If you’re ready for a stunning ...

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Protecting Your Teeth During The Cold Winter Months [BLOG]

Baby, it’s cold outside, and that can do a number on your teeth, believe it or not! As we get ready to turn another season, your friends at Just Smiles want to shed some light on some common risks you face this time of year and how to protect your smile through the months ahead. Tips To Protect Your Teeth During Winter With these tips from your Hilliard dentists, you’ll be able to get ...

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