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Here’s Your Dental Health Holiday Smile Guide!

We’re heading into the final stretch of the holiday season when your social calendar is going to really kick into high gear. That means you’ll be surrounded by all sorts of temptations that could pose a threat to your teeth. It’s okay to enjoy yourself this time of year and indulge in some of your seasonal favorites, like cookies, cakes, pies, and cocktails. That's why your Hilliard ...

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Add Teeth Whitening To Your Holiday Wishlist!

You’re making a list and checking it twice so that your loved ones have the perfect gift to open this holiday season. But there’s something you can add to your wishlist you may not have thought about yet. Professional teeth whitening makes a fantastic gift because a radiant smile is something you can take with you everywhere, and the confidence you’ll feel with a brighter smile is ...

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Dental Implants: Regain More Than Just Your Strong Bite!

When the holidays roll around each year, tooth loss patients or denture-wearers face a unique kind of emotional stress because of limited oral function that others take for granted. Not being able to eat anything you want or feel good about sharing your smile around others because of loose or missing teeth or slippery dentures makes it hard to enjoy the holiday season. Your friends at Just ...

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Dental Bridges Make Eating Enjoyable Again!

The holidays are a few weeks away, so there’s never been a more pressing time of year to make sure you can eat anything you want and that you can do it comfortably. Jeffrey, like so many parents, put his family’s needs before his own, and his dental health suffered as a result. After failed attempts with dental treatment and costly estimates for even more work elsewhere, he’s thrilled ...

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Dental Health Tips For Halloween

Don’t let Halloween scare away your healthy smile! You might be eating more candy than you normally do, but with help from our skilled team at Just Smiles, we can help your oral health stay on track with our comprehensive care and modern dental treatments that keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. It’s Not The Sugar You Should Fear. It’s The Bacteria! The short version of this is ...

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Beware Of This Silent Threat To Your Teeth!

It’s that time of year when things go bump in the night. But this Halloween, it’s not ghosts and goblins you should be worried about! It’s gum disease, the silent threat that leads to tooth loss more than any other dental problem among adults. With the excess sugar from all the candy you eat this season, you could be putting your smile at a greater risk for this insidious ...

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Take Advantage Of Our Dental Savings Plan!

As helpful as insurance can be, it can also sometimes come with unexpected additional costs, restrictions, and other stressful hassles. That’s why we offer our patients high-quality routine care and other services at an affordable price with our dental savings plan! We invite you to check out all your membership options and perks to find out more about this cost-effective, stress-free way ...

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Stop The Teeth Grinding That’s Causing You Pain!

Cracks in your teeth, broken restorations, chronic jaw pain… these are just a few of the common symptoms of bruxism and other problems with the jaw joint. But one of the biggest roadblocks to treating those symptoms is that teeth grinding is often something people don’t even realize they’re doing. Check out today’s video to hear Dr. Bleakmore explain our approach to teeth grinding ...

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Invisalign: Braces Without The Braces!

School is in session, and if you have a teenager at home who needs braces but won’t agree to it because of how they’ll look with a mouth full of metal, you’re probably wondering how you’ll be able to talk them into it. When you choose Invisalign in Westerville, OH, you won’t have to try hard! Listen to Dr. Chahine explain the benefits of this clear aligners system to straighten ...

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Listen To These Benefits Of Dental Implants!

It’s Dental Implant Month, giving you the perfect excuse to visit Just Smiles to explore alternatives to conventional dentures to replace missing or unhealthy teeth. Check out Dr. Chahine’s video message to hear about several of the benefits of anchoring your new teeth to dental implants! You’ll discover the remarkable difference this innovative replacement strategy can make for your ...

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