Restorative dentistry

A Missing Tooth Can Lead to Bone Loss

Today’s article from Just Smiles focuses on missing teeth and bone health. Our teeth have many vital functions. We need them to chew our food, talk, and smile. But have you ever considered their role in holding up your face? When we lose teeth, the bone around the site of the extraction begins to shrink.

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Correcting Severe Dental Problems At Just Smiles

Each separate restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedure performed in Hilliard can address a specific dental problem. For example, a porcelain veneer can correct the surface of a tooth that is discolored or slightly misshapen. Dental bonding can fill a small chip in an otherwise healthy tooth. At Just Smiles, we have answers for all your

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Bridging The Gap With Just Smiles

Hello, Hilliard smiles! Do you have a missing tooth that is detracting from your otherwise nice teeth? Let Just Smiles fill the gap for you and help you get your beautiful smile back! A dental bridge could be the perfect answer for your missing tooth and help you chew and speak properly. A bridge incorporates

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Just Smiles Guide To Healthy Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances in the body, but it is non-renewable so it is vital to not neglect or abuse our teeth. Proper oral hygiene is the first step in protecting your enamel. At Just Smiles, we can help you retain optimal oral health both now and in the future. Even

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How to Prevent Tooth Decay In Westerville

Tooth decay, also known as “dental caries,” is a common dental problem that affects people of all ages in the Hilliard and Westerville areas. It occurs when bacteria in the mouth break down the sugars in food and produce acid, which erodes the enamel on teeth. Over time, this erosion can lead to cavities, which

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Affordable One-Visit Tooth Fixes in Westerville

Some Westerville residents are unhappy with the way their teeth look but many mistakenly assume that cosmetic dentistry is far too pricey to pursue. Sure, a complete mouth reconstruction can be a significant investment, but Just Smiles wants to make it affordable for all patients. Consider the cost of dental school and post-graduate training for

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Is a Dental Bridge as Good as an Implant for a Knocked-out Tooth?

At Just Smiles, we treat dental emergencies such as a knocked-out tooth. Patients who have suffered an injury that either knocks out a tooth or severely damages the tooth have a couple of options for tooth replacement. In today’s message, we will discuss a tooth replacement option common in Columbus: dental bridges. Dental bridges aren’t

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Say Goodbye To Old Amalgam Fillings

Can you remember what your teeth looked like before you had your first cavity? When you opened your mouth to laugh or yawn, the people with you could see only pearly white molar surfaces. (Unless, of course, you had been munching Oreos.) If you are like many people, you started developing tooth decay fairly young

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Just Smiles Takes Care Of Plaque, Calculus, And Cavities

Along with daily brushing and flossing, six-month cleanings and checkups at Just Smiles General, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry in Hilliard are the best way to ensure you have good dental health. That means clean teeth with no cavities, and pink healthy gums. Most dental appointments begin with a cleaning from the hygienist, but not always.

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Who Do You Call If You Have a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any event in which damage to the teeth occurs and the patient needs urgent care. While a dental emergency may have never happened to you, it could happen in the future. Some things are too pressing to wait for an appointment. How do you know if you need to call for

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