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Eliminate Insurance Worries With Just Smiles Dental Plan in Hilliard & Westerville

No dental insurance? No problem!

If you don’t have dental insurance, it’s even more important not to neglect routine dental care like exams and cleanings. Preventing problems is much less expensive than treating them. If problems like cavities aren’t treated in their early stages, more costly and complicated procedures are often necessary. Just Smiles Dental plan makes it possible to maintain regular care for a low annual fee – plus receive discounts on other dental services too.

Check Out The Just Smiles Dental Plan

No claim forms! No deductibles! No waiting periods! No maximums!

  • $249 / Year per Adult (18 and over)
  • $229 / Year per Child (17 and under)

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  • New Patient Exam 100% Coverage
  • Periodic Exams (2 per year) 100% Coverage
  • Oral Cancer Screening 100% Coverage
  • Oral Hygiene Instructions 100% Coverage
  • Emergency visit (Limited exam + X-ray) 50% Coverage


  • Bitewings, Set of 4 (1 per year) 100% Coverage
  • Panoramic X-ray (1 per 3 years) 100% Coverage


  • Adult Cleanings (2 per year) 100% Coverage
  • Child Cleanings (2 per year) 100% Coverage
  • Fluoride – 17 and under (2 per year) 100% Coverage
  • Sealants – 17 and under (as needed) 50% Coverage
  • Nightguard 50% Coverage
  • Sports Mouthguard 50% Coverage


  • Fillings 20% off regular fees
  • Crowns 20% off regular fees
  • Bridges 20% off regular fees
  • Dentures & Partials 20% off regular fees
  • Implants placement 20% off regular fees
  • Implant Crowns 20% off regular fees
  • Root Canal 20% off regular fees
  • Extractions 20% off regular fees
  • IV Sedation 20% off regular fees
  • Periodontal Therapy 20% off regular fees
  • Periodontal Exams 20% off regular fees


  • Invisalign $1000 off regular fees
  • Retainers 20% off regular fees

Who’s the Dental Discount Plan For?

With the new changes that Obamacare has produced, we created the Just Smiles Dental Plan for our valued patients who are unable to carry dental insurance, or who choose not to do so. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Those whose employers do not offer dental coverage
  • Retired or retiring individuals
  • Self-employed adults who do not carry traditional dental insurance
  • Small business owners looking to offer affordable coverage to employees

Membership Limitations and Exclusions

Membership cannot be used with any other insurance plan. This plan is only honored at Just Smiles, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offices. Membership cannot be purchased through third party financing. Third party financing may be utilized for dental treatment. Due to the elective nature of these procedures, no discounts can be applied on whitening treatments, adult fluoride, adult sealants, desensitizing medication and numbing reversal agents.

Membership Guidelines

Non-refundable, Non-transferrable. Discounts are not eligible toward the purchase of a membership (ie: senior discounts or pre-pay discounts). No refunds or premium will be issued at any time if participant decides not to utilize the membership plan. Your plan is effective for 12 months from date of purchase prior to expiration. Membership coverage is subject to revision annually.

For more information on our Just Smiles Dental Plan, call either of our two locations: Hilliard, OH (614-363-0030) or Westerville, OH (614-392-7109).


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What Our Patients Are Saying

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