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Protecting Your Teeth During The Cold Winter Months [BLOG]

Baby, it’s cold outside, and that can do a number on your teeth, believe it or not!

As we get ready to turn another season, your friends at Just Smiles want to shed some light on some common risks you face this time of year and how to protect your smile through the months ahead.

Tips To Protect Your Teeth During Winter

With these tips from your Hilliard dentists, you’ll be able to get through the cold winter months without letting your teeth and gums suffer the consequences:

*Choose Water First*

As tempting as it is to drink a hot beverage, like cocoa or coffee, to keep yourself warm, never forget to drink enough water each day.

During the intense heat of the summer, you don’t even have to think about it most of the time. In fact, your body craves water because you tend to lose a lot of fluids through sweating.

In the winter, it’s easier to neglect our body’s need for water, but stay committed to proper hydration before you reach for the hot mug of cocoa. Your mouth needs plenty of saliva to protect your teeth and gums from nefarious bacteria, and it’s the water you consume that helps ensure that.

*Protect Your Smile During Sports*

Athletes who play winter sports will need extra protection against the oral health threats of the season. With a custom mouthguard from one of our skilled dentists, your teeth and gums will have the full coverage they need with the kind of quality material that can withstand the impact of a collision with another player or from the force of a blunt object hitting the mouth or jaw.

*Beware Of Extreme Temperature Changes*

You’re probably used to the familiar ritual of leaving the warm, cozy confines of your home every morning to warm up your car.

But when you go from a warm environment to the icy temps outside, your teeth will respond by contracting and expanding accordingly.

Even though these aren’t movements you’ll be able to notice, it’s still happening, and that can lead to microscopic fractures on your teeth.

You can stabilize the temperature of your mouth more easily if you keep your mouth closed, as well as protecting your face with a scarf or mask when you step outside.

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It’s going to get really cold really soon, so make sure your teeth are protected from the frigid temperatures and from avoidable sports-related injuries.

When your family’s holiday festivities are over, be sure to visit us for a dental cleaning and exam so we can keep your smile strong!

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