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Do You Want A Whiter Smile This Year? [QUIZ]

Have you ever tried a teeth whitening product from the drugstore? If you have, then you probably already know what one can expect after treatment. Lackluster results, at best, and messy strips, poorly-fitted trays, and tooth or gum sensitivity at worst. We have a better option at Just Smiles! You can get a brighter smile this year with safe, effective professional teeth ...

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Relieve Dental Anxiety & Improve Oral Health In 2019! [VIDEO]

At Just Smiles, we know that fear is one of the biggest roadblocks to good oral health. That’s why we go out of our way to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Listen to Dr. Chahine explain some of the ways we can achieve that, including comfort amenities and dental sedation. Finally overcome your dental anxiety this year with our help! Call our Hilliard, OH ...

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Sedation Dentistry: The Best Gift For Your Smile [BLOG]

Don’t wait around for Santa to put your best holiday gifts under the tree. Take matters into your own hands and give yourself a gift that lasts a lifetime - a healthy, beautiful smile! If you’ve let fear keep you from getting the routine dental care you need, our team at Just Smiles wants to help you regain control of your oral health. We offer sedation dentistry in our Hilliard and ...

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Find A Smile Makeover Solution To Embarrassing Flaws [VIDEO]

If you have dental flaws that have you constantly worried about hiding your teeth, we have the perfect holiday gift for you! You never have to feel embarrassed again when you come to Just Smiles in Westerville, OH for a smile makeover! Here’s Dr. Breanne Bleakmore talking about a few of the many cosmetic dentistry solutions you’ll find in our two Ohio practices. To start loving your ...

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Is TMJ Disorder Stealing Your Peace & Joy This Holiday Season? [QUIZ]

During this special time of year, you should be decking the halls, enjoying delectable dishes, and caroling along to your favorite holiday classics. But painful symptoms of TMJ disorder, like headaches and an aching jaw, can steal your peace and joy faster than Scrooge can tighten his pursestrings! Find effective TMJ solutions at Just Smiles in Hilliard, OH so you can enjoy a pain-free ...

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Experience Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Dental anxiety is a widespread problem in this country and that’s a shame. Being afraid to get needed dental care can leave you open to a host of otherwise avoidable dental problems. If you’ve been putting off dental appointments, the dental anxiety solutions available at Just Smiles in Hilliard and Westerville, OH will help you have a truly relaxed dental appointment! It Starts With Our ...

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A Life-Changing Full-Mouth Reconstruction Story! [VIDEO]

Thanksgiving is here, so naturally, our mouths are watering about the chance to sit down and enjoy an incredible meal with the people we love. But imagine having so many dental problems that instead of joy, eating was nothing but a pain. Every single meal. Every single day. That was Mollie’s experience before she finally got help from our team at Just Smiles. Listen to her ...

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Is a Dental Implants Procedure Right for Me? [QUIZ]

A dental implants procedure is no small undertaking. So you’ll want to make sure you’re a good candidate for implants and understand all of the steps involved. Our dentists are happy to assess you and review everything you need to know.   We both place and restore dental implants at our Hilliard, OH location. If you’re a patient at our Westerville, OH location, we’ll refer you ...

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Non-Metal Fillings Look Better & Are Better for You [VIDEO]

Research on mercury contained in fillings and other dental restorations isn’t conclusive. The FDA approves of amalgam (metal) fillings containing mercury for ages 6 and above. But we prefer to avoid it, since it’s just not worth taking a chance with your health. So we use only non-metal fillings.   Made of tooth-colored composite, they blend in easily with your smile. Since they ...

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