Next Year, Impress Your Valentine With Invisalign! [BLOG]

Was Valentine’s Day a disappointment for you this year?

Possibly, if you felt so insecure about your smile that you couldn’t really focus on the special person in front of you. As important a feature as a person’s smile is, it would probably sound strange or overdramatic to say that you were embarrassed enough about your gapped, crooked teeth that it was hard for you to enjoy a romantic evening out.

Strange or overdramatic to someone who didn’t have that problem, perhaps!

Your friends at Just Smiles completely understand the kind of impact an unattractive smile can have on a person’s life, which is why we’re so honored to help anyone who wants to do something about it with the right cosmetic dentistry solution.

Today, we’re talking about one that could just be the key to enjoying your next Valentine’s Day celebration more than you did this year!

Impress Your Valentine With Help From Invisalign!

Who needs Cupid to make your Valentine plans a success?

You can impress your sweetheart with a fantastic new smile with help from your Westerville dentist and Invisalign, a revolutionary orthodontic solution that offers unique advantages that metal braces don’t!


Although the position and spacing of your teeth might be glaringly obvious and embarrassing to you, these problems may not need years of brackets and wires to correct.

If you don’t have severe misalignment, Invisalign could work for you, which means in less time than it would take for normal braces, you can enjoy the same aesthetic results.

Typically, these aligners get the job done in about twelve months, so your smile could be straight, beautifully-aligned, and healthier this time next year!


Teeth trays in this series are practically invisible, which is why so many older teens and adults prefer Invisalign over standard metal braces.

You won’t have to worry about people judging you in social and professional settings because you’re just now getting orthodontic treatment. In fact, it’s more likely that people won’t even notice you’re wearing the clear aligners at all!


Because we have an Invisalign Premier Provider, you can trust our practice to design the most precise treatment plan for you. That includes using digital technology, sophisticated enough to not only measure your mouth meticulously without messy dental impressions, but to allow you to preview your smile results before your treatment even begins!

Your aligners will fit perfectly over your teeth, and they will move your teeth into the right spot with pressure that’s more gentle than that required of conventional braces.

The smooth plastic will also feel more comfortable against your cheeks and lips, so you won’t have to spend days or weeks getting used to your aligners.

Don’t Wait! Call Us Today!

Come to Just Smiles now for a consultation with one of our skilled dentists, and you can find out if Invisalign will give you the results you’re after. It could be the perfect way to straighten your teeth, improve your dental health, and wow your Valentine with an amazing new smile this time next year!

Call our Westerville, OH location at 614-215-9087 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.


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