How Dental Crowns & Bridges Can Rebuild Your Smile [BLOG]

Problems with your teeth will affect every aspect of your life, from how you look and feel physically, to the confidence you have about your smile.

From hiding your teeth because of dental damage to not being able to eat because of pain, missing teeth, or loss of oral function, you have every reason to visit your Westerville dentist for restorative treatment… especially during the summer when there is way too much fun and great food to be enjoyed!

Today, our team at Just Smiles is filling you in on the remarkable ways our dental crowns and bridges can be used to repair a damaged, unsightly, or unhealthy smile.

With our advanced technology and stunning materials, your restorative dentistry experience is faster, more efficient, and more comfortable than you probably think and will result in a brighter, more beautiful smile than you probably expect!

Dental Crowns & Bridges Keep A Smile Healthy

There’s almost nothing that can’t be fixed with modern dental crowns and bridges. That’s reassuring, considering all the things that can go wrong with our teeth over a lifetime!

Dr. Chahine and our team use crowns and bridges nearly every single day to solve a wide range of dental problems:

  • To replace a single tooth
  • To replace multiple teeth with dental implants
  • To repair a broken or cracked tooth
  • To strengthen a worn, weak, or loose tooth
  • To cover up a dark, discolored tooth
  • To seal and protect a decayed or infected tooth

In each of these examples, the restoration is what keeps a smile healthy. Any dental deterioration, no matter what caused it, will only create more dental deterioration if we don’t intervene. Because crowns and bridges are often the solution dentists rely on, they’re an important way to protect you from pain, loss of function, and poor oral and overall health.

Our dental restorations also blend in with your smile because we use porcelain instead of dark metal, giving you an added aesthetic benefit from treatment. You’ll not only have a healthy, fully-functioning mouth that doesn’t cause you pain, but you’ll have a smile that looks bright and natural, giving you the confidence you deserve to enjoy your life.

Also, you’ll have peace of mind when you choose Just Smiles for your dental crowns and bridges because we offer a limited warranty on our restorations!

Schedule An Appointment!

With our digital scanner and fast turnaround time, the restoration process is more precise, comfortable, and convenient!

Not only do you not have to wait as long to repair your smile, but you won’t be subjected to the goopy, messy, and outdated hassle of getting dental impressions.

We make it easier to get your strong, healthy smile back!

Call Just Smiles in Westerville, OH today at [phone] or contact us online for a restorative dental appointment!


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