Gear Up For Fall Sports With An Athletic Mouthguard! [BLOG]

The school year has begun, which means the fall sports season has, too.

If you or someone in your family plays a sport, it’s important to make sure you have the best protection against dental injuries.

The only way to do that is to visit Just Smiles for a custom-made athletic mouthguard!

Customize Your Athletic Mouthguard For Fall Sports!

Any sport you participate in can put your teeth and gums at risk for injuries. That’s why, regardless of whether a team, school, or coach requires it, you should invest in an athletic mouthguard for maximum safety and protection.

But where you get a mouthguard makes a difference!

Here’s why the best investment in your favorite athlete’s smile is a customized mouthguard from your Westerville dentist:


As an athlete, you’re expected to move with agility, constantly and quickly changing speed and direction.

How well can you do that, say, if your shoes were too big or your pants were too long?

Not very well at all, right?

How about communicating with your teammates and coaches? A big, bulky mouthguard is going to make breathing and speaking difficult.

The point is, how something fits you will have a major impact on your athletic performance. That’s one way you benefit from a mouthguard that’s been measured to fit your teeth and gums specifically. It’s smaller, sleeker, and fits your mouth more securely so you can do your job on the field.


Another reason customized mouthguards are superior to mass-produced guards, even the boil-and-bite kind, is coverage, cushion, and protection.

Rather than sliding around, your custom guard will stay put so it can actually serve its purpose, which is to provide full, even coverage over your teeth so that if you’re struck in the mouth, face, or jaw, your risks for head or dental injuries are minimized.


If you’re wearing something for the first time that doesn’t fit properly, how likely are you to wear it a second time?

That’s one thing parents understand all too well! Kids will wear an article of clothing or a pair of shoes once, and after that, you never see it again. It’s hidden deep in the closet or under the bed.

Or in the case of a bulky, uncomfortable store-bought mouthguard, it’s buried somewhere at the bottom of their gym bag.

Comfort matters, so when you invest in a professionally-made athletic mouthguard from your dentist, you’re increasing the likelihood that your child will actually wear it!

The Clock Is Running Out!

During a game, you need the comfort and protection of a custom mouthguard to work at peak performance and to help lead your team to victory!

Get the right gear for your teeth and gums at Just Smiles before time runs out on the clock!

Call our Hilliard, OH location at 614-215-9089 or our Westerville, OH location at 614-215-9087 or contact us online for an appointment.


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