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Dental anxiety is a widespread problem in this country and that’s a shame. Being afraid to get needed dental care can leave you open to a host of otherwise avoidable dental problems. If you’ve been putting off dental appointments, the dental anxiety solutions available at Just Smiles in Hilliard and Westerville, OH will help you have a truly relaxed dental appointment!

It Starts With Our People

At Just Smiles, we understand dental anxiety, and we don’t judge. Our total focus is on ensuring your comfort so that you can get the dental care you need. If you’d like us to explain exactly what will happen and when during your procedure, just ask! If you’d prefer not to know, let us know.

We have a menu of comfort options that can help stay warm and relaxed during your appointment. Choose from:

  • Warm blankets and memory foam pillows to help you relax comfortably.
  • Dark glasses to help you avoid squinting from the bright light.
  • Netflix or Pandora programming so you can focus on something diverting.

If you’d like a short break at any point during your appointment, just let us know. Again, our focus is on helping you get the care you need.

Advanced Technology Is Faster And More Comfortable

At Just Smiles, we know that the sights and sounds of the dental drill are uncomfortable for many people. You’ll be happy to know that the laser dentistry we use avoids both of those issues and provides a pain-free dental experience.

We know that many people – often for good reason – need more help relaxing during their dental appointment. We’re proud to offer oral sedation at both of our locations. Oral sedation is a prescription pill which you take at a predetermined time prior to your appointment. Please note that you’ll definitely need a driver to take you to and from your appointment; driving while sedated is a terrible idea.

Oral sedation induces a deep sense of relaxation. You’ll most likely stay awake and be able to respond to requests and questions, but you may not remember much afterward. Again, be sure to have a driver to take you home as the effects of oral sedation linger for a while after your appointment.

One Patient’s Experience

Dee W. was kind enough to record a testimonial video for us. Here’s a part of what she said.

“A lot of people I know have a lot of anxiety about going to the dentist and refuse to go because they have so much anxiety. You won’t feel that way with Dr. Phil and staff. They will make you feel so comfortable. I immediately bonded with all of the staff and Dr. Phil. I always feel comfortable.

“I’ve seen other people, first-time patients, come in and they are so, so kind to them to where they feel very comfortable. If you’re worried about anxiety or pain at the dentist, then you need to be here.”

You can watch Dee’s complete video here .

Experience A Truly Relaxed Dental Appointment

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from having your healthiest mouth and most beautiful smile. Discover truly relaxed dentistry at Just Smiles. Call our Hilliard, OH location at 614-215-9089 or our Westerville, OH location at 614-215-9087 to schedule an appointment.

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